Natural Home: Coconut Oil Moisturizer

When Dillon and I moved to Colorado, we made it a clear intention to become the best we could be, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Part of that was to use more natural and holistic products in our home where it was practical (okay, that’s mostly my philosophy). Turns out, it not only feels better and works more effectively, but it’s also dirt cheap. Think what you may about homemade and /or natural products, but if it saves me money and gets the job done, I’m all in.

One of the first things I changed was my skincare routine. I’ve had problem skin all my life and with the harsh winters here, I was not okay with my mediocre semi-natural soap, so I switched to the oil cleansing method. If you’re interested, Google it, as you’ll find information far more valuable than what I could share. Regardless of your routine though, this moisturizer is prime for makeup removal, eyelash conditioning, moisturizing, and dabbing on problem areas.

Here is my recipe :
1 c of coconut oil
3 drops of Vitamin E
10 drops of essential oil

Mix on high speed for 10 minutes then keep in a COOL, dark place in a tightly sealed container.

I use nightly and every other morning to keep my skin hydrated. Enjoy!

love from the Front Range,



December 2013 – September 2014

We have been in Colorado almost 10 months and I’ve yet to update y’all thoroughly. It’s been a whirlwind of change and moving parts, yet at the same time, it feels like vacation. 

Fall is making a slow entrance, with the days still being about 84, but the nights getting around 45 degrees. Every few trees are starting to turn yellow and the mornings are a bit crispier. In a few weeks, we will be in full blown fall, with the entire countryside being brown, orange, and yellow. By late October, snow will be immanent and by the annual Castle Rock Starlighting in November, it will be a fairly harsh winter according to the weather guys. It is so beautiful having seasons and getting to experience the leaves changing, the snow coming, the flowers growing, and the warm summer days and afternoon storms.

We spend a lot of our days outside, grilling, relaxing, running, hiking, or exploring. There is rarely a day that doesn’t require a few minutes outside in the rocking chair.

Here is what’s going on in our life:

Dillon : Dillon works for Northstar Realty Securities, who handle commercial real estate investments. He works in the Denver Tech Center, which is a very large and beautiful business district in Greenwood Village. He drives about 30 minutes to and from work, and since his clients are on the east coast, he is up and out of the house by time I reach my second REM level. He loves his job and is continually a top producer. I have never met a harder working man in my entire life, and he never once complains about the long days. He is honored to provide for our family and I am honored to be his wife. He is currently in the beginning stages of training for a triathlon, still golfing plenty, and has been reading a ton of books, mostly about the stock market, investments, and other business related things. 

Cameo : I’m working a few hours a week at an investment firm in downtown Castle Rock, a couple hours a week being the county ambassador for Operation Gratitude, and filling in my time with CrossFit and horses, my two love. I keep my days fairly simple and easy, taking care of our home, and enjoying life. It’s super healing! I’ve adapted the paleo “lifestyle” (as opposed to diet, as I don’t know what the heck it’s called), which is essentially eating meat, fruits, and veggies, and things that are derived from those things. I’ve felt awesome, and continue to do so, and found out that gluten and I are just not great friends. Who knew I spent my whole life feeling terrible for the sake of a roll of bread!? I’m really taking time to take care of myself and ensure I’m living the best life I can.

Home : Dillon and I have been staying in my parents “bed and breakfast”, where the door is constantly revolving with guests in their many bedrooms. We have enough privacy, while still able to pay off debt, save, and find the perfect place in Colorado, where the market is a touch expensive (think DOUBLE than Tempe, AZ, our previous place). We’ve finally found an awesome apartment that is big, light, airy, and open. We will move in the first week of October, just in time to get settled before winter hits. We are SO excited and our guest room will be ready for y’all!

Family : The Colorado family is all doing well. Kaiden (nephew) started Kindergarten and is probably the most in love with school out of all of us. Dad is headed in for another surgery (that makes 4!) on his foot/leg, which he broke in February. It’s been a constant one thing after another and we’re hoping to be DONE with all of the hoopla by Christmas. Dillon’s family is also doing well here in Arizona, with both of his parents’ businesses booming. Dillon’s brother, Jake, is living in North Dakota but will soon be on the move again, traveling the United States in his truck. By Christmas, we hope to all be together again. Dj and I have NO intentions of building our Pierce family for many years, and if anything, maybe we’ll get a pup someday, although it’s still a touchy subject (GSD or lab!?).

Church : We’ve settled into Plum Creek Community Church about a mile from home and really enjoy it. We’re in a small group with 3 other couples and will soon be introducing a baby boy into the group. In the fall, I’ll be joining in on BSF, which is a women’s bible study. I’m sure many of you are familiar with it.

We miss our friends and family that are scattered throughout the United States, but at the same time, so LOVING our adventurous life in Colorado. It feels good to build a life, build a career, build a family, and do it all together. We’re dream followers to a fault, and our dreams took us to Colorado. 

We are forever grateful.

Love from the Front Range,

Dillon + Cameo