Colorado Adventures: Mount Evans

One of my favorite things to do is to explore with my dad. We often get in the car with some water and snacks and head out to find whatever is in store for us. Yesterday, we traveled to a very small town for coffee. I don’t think it’s even a town; there is only one Safeway, a liquor store, and a Starbucks. It’s on the main stretch of Colorado’s 285 highway.

On the way home, we took an exit to where dad grew up sledding. It dumped us into another “little town”, again using that term loosely. It was mainly a post office, a restaurant, cabins, and a small camp. We stopped twice to ask for directions to this sledding hill dad loved as a child, but the town was practically empty, no one to ask. So we ventured through and found ourselves in Evergreen, our favorite fishing spot. Evergreen is quintessential Christmas. In about .25 of a mile and you’re through it, but it’s always full of warm coffee shops, and a very frozen lake. We saw that it was snowing on the mountains surrounding Evergreen and thought we’d take a quick detour.

That turned into many hours in the mountains, where we ran into Mount Evans and drove through surprising snow. We had no intentions of finding this back road, but loved every moment of it. Breathtaking beauty on roads never traveled. We were dressed totally inappropriately for 2 feet of snow, but still got out of the car and enjoyed it.

I could spend every single day exploring Colorado, stumbling across mountains, playing in the snow, and grabbing a coffee in a tiny, tiny town. Colorado is ever healing for me, a pure balm to the soul.

There is surprising beauty everywhere, but you must adventure.


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The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man.


With love from the front range (& beyond),



My favorite kind of day.